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Tom Petrocelli's take on technology. Tom is the author of the book "Data Protection and Information Lifecycle Management" and a natural technology curmudgeon. This blog represents only my own views and not those of my employer, Enterprise Strategy Group. Frankly, mine are more amusing.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

After many years, I have consolidated my website and blog into a newly rebooted Tom's Tech Take called, admittedly unimaginatively, Tom's Tech Take II. I toyed with calling it TTT: TNG but thought only Star Trek fans would get the reference. Of course, most of my readers are Star Trek fans so maybe I missed an opportunity.

Now that I am no longer at ESG, this new site will be my primary blog and website.

To quote Douglas Adams "So long and thanks for all the fish."

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Update From Hell

Yesterday, Verizon pushed out an update for the Android OS onto my smartphone. Since then, my phone has been decidedly less smart.
About a quarter of my apps no longer work. Ironically, one of them is Google Messenger. Some apps seem to work and then crash unexpectedly. Others save time by puking immediately. Thanks. I always appreciate it when people don't waste my time.
This is another example of what happens when you have a vast ecosystem that lacks a real controlling body. Anarchy! No really what you get is an OS update that nukes so many apps that it can only be termed a disaster.
So here is my advice - next time make sure major apps like, oh I don't know, Facebook work before you push an update out. Otherwise, don't push put updates.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

It’s been quiet here and at my other blog, Managing Business Problems. Sorry about that. When I joined Enterprise Strategy Group in April, they immediately gave me the opportunity to start a new blog, Marketing Information Technology. It’s been great. I can write about technology and marketing all in one place. I still will update Tom’s Technology Take from time to time, especially when I find some really cool technology. The more business-like musing will be found in my new home at ESG.  While there check out the other awesome ESG blogs. Our analysts have great observations and insights.